1. How do I register on SNFCC Bikes?

The “SNFCC Bikes” registration process is quick, simple, and provides the ability to rent one of our 50 adult bikes from the Visitors’ Center, Front Agora and Rear Agora stations, as well as one of our 25 kids’ bikes.

If you are over 18 years old, you can register at:

  • The Visitor's Center

After being informed about the terms of use of the service, you fill in the printed application and receive the Bike Card.

After being informed about the terms of use of the service, you create a user account free of charge, and have the ability to buy cycling-time

2. How much does the service cost and how does it work?

After being registered and having gained access to “SNFCC Bikes”, the charging period starts from the time a bike is unlocked and ends when it is locked again. The cost is 1€ per 60 minutes.

3. How do I rent an adult bike?

You can rent a bike in two ways:

Using an SNFCC Bike Card

€5 subscription (ID, name, mobile phone number) delivery of bike card (5 hours of cycling) check out a bike from a station

• By credit card

€3 registration (name, email address, mobile phone number) at snfcc.org/bikes/myaccount prepaid pack purchase (5 hours cycling) choose a bike at a station send SMS <BIKE+lock number> to 54045 check out the bike

4. How do I return an adult bike?

The return process is the same no matter how you obtained your bike.

• Choose a free locking point. Through our map, you can check out real-time the availability of free racks.

• Push the button that matches the lock of the docking point chosen, and insert the bike. The bike is automatically recognized and secure.

• By choosing the right button (YES/ΝΑΙ - NO/ΟΧΙ), you indicate whether the bike you have returned is ok.

5. How do I rent a kids’ bike?

To rent one of our 25 SNFCC kids’ bikes, you must possess a Bike Card or a user account, and have cycling-time available in your account. The Visitors’ Center stuff credits a numbered kids’ bike at your account and delivers the matching key. The charge starts from the time a key is given and closes when it is returned at the Visitors’ Center.

Attention: It is important that you return the key within opening hours (9:00 – 21:00).

6. There are no available shared bikes or free racks at the shared bike station. What do I do?

“SNFCC Bikes” are reallocated daily, in order to avoid congested racks. Additionally, the docking points are more than the bikes in order to prevent this. You can check out real-time the availability of free racks and bikes on the map at snfcc.org/bikes and head towards the closest station that can assist you.

7. What is the maximum rental time for a bike?

SNFCC bikes are intended for brief use. Our philosophy promotes short-term bike rental to serve as many visitors as possible. It is kindly suggested for the rental period not to exceed five hours, while SNFCC bikes must preferably be deposited during service and support hours (09:00–21:00) and no later than 24 hours from the start of rental.

8. Where is cycling allowed?

SNFCC Bikes are mainly intended for use at the SNFCC area and the cycling path around, while cycling inside the park is prohibited. Whatever the route you choose, you must cycle carefully, while being responsible for following safety rules as well as traffic regulations.

9. What should I look for when I check out a shared bike?

The operation of SNFCC Bikes is monitored in real time, and equipment is checked daily to ensure a good working order. However, it we suggest you inspect a bike before use, to ensure safety.

Key points to check before taking delivery of a bike:

Check tire pressure.

Rotate the wheels slowly and check for scratches on the tire tread and sidewalls.

Check that both wheels are properly aligned and securely attached to the fork and frame ends.

Push the brake levers. Check the cables and make sure that lever movement is smoothly transmitted to the brakes through the wires.

Check that the saddle and handlebar stem are aligned with the upper frame tube and tight enough to stay firmly in place.

In the event that there is a fault with the shared bike, return it as soon as possible to a station and secure it, indicating a fault (display option: NO/ΟΧΙ) and check out another bike. Alternatively, you can contact our technical support center at (+30) 210 3004441 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and report the faulty bike.

10. The bike I have checked out has developed a fault and I am far away from a rental station. What do I do?

Please call the technical support helpline at (+30) 210 3004441 or the SNFCC call center at (+30) 216 8091000, stating your location and the issue to receive support.

11. I found a bug, or malfunction, or a case of vandalism. What to do?

Please report it immediately to the support helpline at (+30) 210 3004441 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..