Get a bike card

With a prepaid Bicycle Card, you enjoy direct access to bikes, no further action required. The card costs €5, including five hours of cycling. To obtain your card, please fill in a form at the SNFCC Visitor Center. You can rent a bike immediately after the issue of your Bike Card.

The information required is:

  • Full name
  • Identity card number
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Smartphone number

Card renewal:

a. At the Visitors' Center, either by debit/credit card or cash (€3/5/10/20 pack options).

b. Online, using your SNFCC Bike account.

The card is valid for one year. One card only can be issued per adult (cards cannot be issued for children). Each card is valid for one adult bike and one children’s bike (more information on how to rent children’s bikes here).

After getting your Bike Card, you can rent a bike as easy as 1 2 3:

  1. Choose a bike and push the relevant lock button. This activates the display located on the rack.
  2. Hover your personal Bike Card near the card reader just below the display.
  3. Once the card is recognized, the rack unlocks and you can pick up and use the bike.

How to return the bike:

  • Choose a free rack. You can access real-time information on available racks here.
  • Push the button corresponding to the lock of the rack you have selected. Place the bike into the rack. The shared bike is automatically identified, and the lock is activated. Locking is confirmed by an audible signal.
  • Press the appropriate button (YES/ΝΑΙ – NO/ΟΧΙ) to indicate whether the shared bike that you deposited is faulty.

ATTENTION: Make sure the bike has been recognized by the system and securely locked in the rack. If for any reason the bike is not recognized, the rack will unlock after a few seconds, the bike will no longer be secured and you will continue to be charged.