Rent by smartphone

You don’t need to have a Bike Card to use SNFCC Bikes. You can simply sign up for an SNFCC Bike Account to rent a bike using your smartphone.

You can buy prepaid packs for 3, 5, 10 and 20 hours (costing €3, €5, €10 and €20 respectively).

If you don’t use up all the prepaid time you have purchased, don’t worry! The time credited to your account is valid for one year, so you can easily return to your rides at a later time!

To rent a bike by smartphone:

  1. Sign up for an SNFCC Bike Account on the website.
  2. Buy a prepaid pack (€3/5/10/20) by credit card, debit card or Viva Wallet.
  3. Choose your bike and press its unlock button.
  4. Send SMS “BIKE (using Latin characters) {lock number}” to 54045 (charge: €0.25 + VAT). Example: BIKE XXXX
  5. Wait until your bike is unlocked.
  6. Take the bike out of the rack by lightly pushing it out.

To return a bike:

  • Choose a free rack. You can get real-time information on available spots at all stations here.
  • Push the button corresponding to the lock of the selected rack. Place the bike into the rack. The shared bike is automatically identified, and the lock is activated. Locking is confirmed by an audible signal.
  • Choose the appropriate button (YES/ΝΑΙ – NO/ΟΧΙ) to indicate whether the shared bike you returned is damaged.

ATTENTION: Make sure the bike has been identified and secured to the rack. If for any reason the bike is not identified, the rack will unlock after a few seconds, the bike will no longer be secured, and you will continue to be charged